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For Windows™ 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (32 & 64 bit), XP

CADRE Software requires the Microsoft dot Net framework to be installed.   Windows has been delivered with Microsoft .NET framework already installed for many years so this shouldn't be an issue.


CADRE Pro icon CADRE Pro is a full featured finite element structural analysis application for plate and/or beam type structures.  It includes buckling, p-delta, and dynamic vibration and shock analysis capabilities specifically designed for practical loading and analysis of mechanical and civil structures and their components.  It contains many unique beam element types such as eccentric end-loaded beams, springs, and one way elements (i.e. cables or telescoping rods). Contains code checking routines for steel, aluminum, and wood products specifications. Includes CADRE Zipwire (described below), a supplementary application for suspended and taut cable analysis.  CADRE pro details

Geo icon CADRE Geo is a design application for generating a wide variety of geodesic and spherical 3D (wire frame and surface models) for CAD or finite element analysis applications.  Output are clean DXF files suitable for structural analysis applications.  CADRE Geo also outputs detail design and construction information for domes such as hub and panel layouts, dimensions, dihedral angles, volume, surface area, etc. CADRE Geo can generate a complete set of hub or panel CAD drawings with a single command.  Compatible with CADRE Pro for structural analysis as well as most CAD drawing programs.  CADRE Geo details

CADRE Flow icon CADRE Flow is an application for fluid system flow analysis used for simulating flow networks based on finite element principles.  It will determine flow rates and pressures throughout a system accounting for friction and discrete losses.  CADRE Flow determines pump and turbine parameters; power required and extracted. It also provides fluid momentum and pressure forces on joints and fittings.  These forces can be exported for subsequent import to CADRE Pro for structural analysis of piping support systems.  CADRE Flow details

CADRE Profiler icon CADRE Profiler is an application for the design and analysis of custom cross section profiles including composite and multi-material sections.  Draw and analyze custom profile designs to determine cross-section design properties.  Create custom sets of sections compatible with the CADRE Pro structural analysis application.  CADRE Profiler details

Zipwire icon CADRE Zipwire is a tool that can be used to analyze taut elastic wires or cables with a point load. Zipwire solves a class of the hanging or taut cable problem using basic classical geometry and static analyses along with elastic considerations.  Zipwire analysis details

CADRE Regression icon Regression analysis is a multifunctional curve fitting application provided free of charge. CADRE Regression fits data points with polynomial, power, exponential, trigonometric, and inverses of these functions. This is a COMPLIMENTARY applicationRegression analysis details

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