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CADRE Geo is a serious design tool for architects, engineers, and designers of geodesic and other spherical type structures including geodesic domes.

CADRE Geo is not only a practical design tool but is an educational tool as well.  It supports all of the main types of geodesic layouts (breakdown methods) for the icosahedron, octahedron, and tetrahedron for both Class I and II with special features for studying single face layouts. 

New in version 7 - Generate geodesics on a rectangular base!

Geodesic display window

CADRE Geo is a design utility that can generate a wide variety of geodesic and spherical (or ellipsoidal) 3D (wire frame and surface models) for import to CAD or to finite element analysis applications.

Model types

The 'Geodesic' feature can produce Icosahedron, octahedron, and tetrahedron models of Class I and II of virtually any frequency with three different types of breakdown. 

Geodesic dialog

CADRE Geo has a special modeling feature called the 'Spheric' that can be used for designing large low profile storage tank covers.  This feature is frequently employed in industries (e.g. petroleum industry) involved with the design of tank top roofs constructed of steel or aluminum sheet panels.

Spheric dialog

CADRE Geo has a modeling feature called the 'Quad dome" that can be used for designing dome shapes (elliptical or parabolic surface) on a rectangular base.  This feature is employed in the design of rectangular tank covers and skylights.

Quad dome dialog

In addition to generating its own structural types, CADRE Geo can import Custom text files of spherical points and elements created in other applications to take advantage of the data analysis and output features provided in CADRE Geo..

Data presentation and output

It can produce tables of hubs, struts, and panels grouped into like types with detail geometric information.  The like-types of hubs, panels, and/or struts can be highlighted on the structural display.  Design drawings of hubs and panels can be output as clean CAD (DXF) files suitable for import to CAD or to structural analysis applications or fed to machine shop equipment for automatic production. 

CADRE Geo is NOT a cookbook for building geodesic domes nor does it perform, or confirm, the structural integrity of any design.  Our structural analysis application, CADRE Pro, is very well suited for structural analysis of complex structures including geodesics with many features provided especially for this purpose.

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Geodesic features 

Spheres, spheroids, ellipsoids (single and dual eccentricity), domes, or just a single face for breakdown study.  Geodesic types include Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron of both class I and class II.

Construction components struts-only, panels-only, or both integrated struts and panels.  CADRE Geo provides for classification of parts into hubs, panels, and struts of the same type with the ability to highlight like types on the display and generate a drawing of each type or a drawing of every individual item.

Support for the standard breakdown methods (Method 1, Method 2, and Method 3 described by Kenner, "Geodesic math and how to use it".

Geodesic domes

Domes are created by defining a cut plane within the contour of the spherical (or ellipsoidal) structure.

Cut plane illustration

The dome base (cut plane) can be established relative to any Cartesian plane independent of the chosen geodesic construction zenith.

Specialized dome construction tools for handling truncation lines and leveling bases.

Low profile spherical surfaces 

Provisions for creating spherical segment type dome roof tops.  These are low profile geodesic structures suitable for small and large storage tank covers. 

Low profile petroleum tank covers

Outputs for these structures can be detail panel and hub drawings already labeled with dihedrals, angles, bolt hole locations, and other dimensions.

Low profile tank covers

Rectangular based domes 

New in version 7 is a feature to generate a wide variety of dome structures over a rectangular base. 

Skylight model

These type of structures are often used for skylights and covered structures for industrial ponds.


Tables of detail design data for the structure (e.g. volume, surface area, etc.), struts, hubs, and panels.

Drawings (DXF format) of the structure with identification of hub and strut members (by type or by individual number)

Hub drawing

Drawings (DXF format) of panels with dihedrals, vertex angles, and dimensions as well as connection codes. 

Panel drawing

A complete set of hub or panel drawings can be output all at once.

Dihedral angles can be output as miter angles (for cutting the panel edge) or alternatively as inter-panel angles.

If struts are included in the model, the associated strut type code (S1, S2, etc.) is also shown on each panel edge in the panel drawing. 

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