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This page is for ordering our engineering software applications. 

Review the software price list.

Educational discounts

Educational discounts are provided for all software to valid students, professors, and other university staff.  If you think you are eligible, send an email requesting a user name and password to obtain the discount.

When you have been provided a user name and password, then go to the_

         Educational Discount order site

Delivery of download credentials

A response from with your order payment confirmation is essentially immediate. 

Response from CADRE Analytic with your invoice and software download credentials is usually within a few minutes as well, but may take up to 24 hours in some cases depending on the time of day (we are located in the Pacific Time Zone of the USA).

IMPORTANT:  Please place address in your address book to ensure that your order reply doesn't go to your junk box.

After delivery, your credentials will allow access to the software download site which contains the software files and other items such as the User Manuals in a format satisfactory for printing to paper.  The download credentials are valid for approximately 24 hours.  You can always provide your serial number and request the current download codes to enter at any time in the future.


A 'CD set' is one of the options on the list below.  A 'CD set' includes a backup CD for each application ordered.
The 'CD set' price is the same and shipping is free irrespective of the location and number of applications ordered.  The shipping method is by USPS priority mail, domestic or international.  UPS may be substituted to certain destinations.


We never ask for your personal information on this web site.  The buttons below ("Add to cart") and ("View cart") will take you to the our shopping cart which is actually located on a secure PayPal hosted site that has the highest level of security.  Orders will be followed up by us with the software download codes, installation credentials, and instructions (and shipped CD if requested).

Check out using your credit card.    credit cards accepted


you can pay with your PayPal account, if you have one.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase with a credit card using the PayPal hosted purchasing site.  The PayPal host may provide a blank field and "invite" you to create an account but there is no affect on your credit card order if you ignore the field and leave it blank.

We pay the Washington State sales tax for Washington residents.

Choose software application

Select your application from this drop-down list:

pixel << Add your selection and 'View cart' - Return for more, or check out from there

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  • For multiple options, select them one-at-a-time and use 'Add to cart', then use the "Continue shopping" link to return here for more.  When the cart is set up with all your orders, use the "Check out" link.

  • The "Pro Suite" includes all four listed applications with additional discount.   Don't choose it in addition to the other applications.

  • You need only one CD set irrespective of how many you order. 

Difficulty with this order process? contact CADRE Analytic.

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